Sherbourne Barricades Down!

We’re not sure when it happened, however, the temporary barricades blocking access to Fraser and the three other streets, to the north along Sherbourne, have been removed. We’re told that the barricades have been replaced with Local Traffic Only signs.

Thanks to all who wrote, called and e-mailed various city officials concerning this issue.

For a breakdown of the data findings (collected on Sherbourne and Dovercourt both before and  after the closures took effect) see Councillor Hobbs’ latest update here.

Update – 19 OCT 2011: Sherbourne Road Barricades, Website Additions

Calls have been made and letters and e-mails have been sent , both by individuals and by HPRA representatives, to express disapproval of the restrictions on Fraser, Windermere, Courtney & Rowanwood Avenues and to urge early (and permanent) removal of the barricades placed at those intersections.

It would be nice to announce that removal is imminent, however, the city says data collected by counters placed on Sherbourne between Bromley Road and Fraser, the week before and the week following implementation of the closures, will only be analysed this week. A decision should be made by the end of this week.

It appears that the City of Ottawa has been dealing exclusively with the community of McKellar Park on this issue. Since the barricades have been placed in their community, it makes sense, on the face of it … except that these closures, advertised as temporary, are measures that a small but vocal group has been pushing for a number of years to bring into being on a permanent basis. Since the impact on all area residents is huge, actions take by the City to address traffic issues in our community must reflect the voice of the majority of those residents, and not just a handful.

HPRA wants to ensure the voice of Highland Park and surrounding communities are given equal measure as we move forward on this issue, as well as others. If the barriers remain in place after the data review, HPRA will distribute flyers and put up posters in the neighbourhood to let you know the next steps to make your voice heard on this issue. Those who have voiced an opinion so far have been overwhelmingly against these closures but we would like to hear from more of you out there in our community to better determine our next steps.On a more positive note, please have a look at the recent changes and additions to the website, most notably a short history of Highland Park.

Sherbourne Road Closures

HPRA recently held an informal gathering with a small group of area residents to address concerns about the recent road closures from Sherbourne Road onto Fraser, Windermere, Courtney and Rowanwood Avenues.

It was clear at this meeting that many residents, both in and adjacent to Highland Park, are very unhappy with the newly-restricted access to our neighbourhood and the negative changes to traffic patterns that have resulted from these measures.

It was soon decided that a community meeting is in order to discuss options and solutions to the problem. We are working on meeting arrangements and will post the meeting date and location as soon as it’s determined.

Keep watching, and please plan to attend!

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